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Commercial Insurance


We know that keeping your employees (and your bottom line) safe and secure is a top priority when it comes to commercial auto insurance. That’s why we offer flexible policies that allow you to strike the perfect balance of coverage and affordability based on your business’ needs. We can cover a wide variety of work vehicles including cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and vans, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to customize a policy for your business.

Commercial Property

Protecting your office/business location is absolutely essential to the success of your business. After all, your business’ physical location is where your employees do their jobs, where you house your inventory, and where you meet with customers; shouldn’t it be covered in case of accident or disaster? We can help you create the perfect policy to cover your building, office equipment and furniture, inventory, and other items such as landscaping/signage. We welcome the opportunity to put our 50+ years of outstanding customer service to work for your business.

General Liability

Business liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance coverage a business can obtain. A typical business liability insurance policy (also known as commercial general liability insurance) covers property damage, bodily injury, medical payments for injury, legal defense costs, and slander/libel damages. Our professional staff will work with you to craft an affordable business liability insurance policy, leaving you free to focus on managing your business without worrying about insurance coverage.

Workers Compensation

While safety in the workplace is always a top priority, unfortunately accidents do occur. Should an accident befall an employee, your business could not only lose money as a result of the injured employee’s inability to work, but could also face a potential lawsuit depending on the circumstances of the accident. Workers’ compensation policies are customizable and can help cover your injured employee’s medical treatment, permanent/temporary disability, or death benefits. Workers’ compensation insurance can also help protect you should your business be found liable for employee injury. As with all of our products, we guarantee that we will work with you to find the perfect balance of coverage and affordability for your workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Builder's Risk

Part of owning a successful business is planning for growth. Oftentimes a growing business needs to expand or renovate its working space and in some cases may even need to build new working space to accommodate more employees or new equipment. When it’s time for your business to build or renovate, builder’s risk insurance can help guard your project from many potential risks including fire, theft, or vandalism. If you’re planning on growing your business in the near future, we’d love to help create the perfect builder’s risk policy for you.

Inland Marine

The term “inland marine” may bring to mind images of lakes, rivers, and ponds, but inland marine insurance is a type of commercial insurance coverage that insures movable types of property such as medical equipment, musical instruments and fine arts pieces, as well as cameras and movie equipment. This type of insurance became known as “inland marine” because it was the type of insurance used to cover cargo that was shipped from one location to another. There are many coverage options for inland marine insurance, so get in touch with us to determine which options will work best for the goods that you want to insure.


Investing in umbrella liability insurance is one of the absolute best ways to make sure that your business is prepared for whatever comes its way. While you may have other types of insurance such as general liability and commercial auto, having an umbrella insurance policy may keep you from having to come out of pocket to pay for additional costs in excess of your current limits of liability. For example, if you have a $500,000 general liability policy and are sued for damages of $1 million, your umbrella insurance policy can cover the other $500,000. In the event of a lawsuit or unforeseeable cataclysmic event, umbrella insurance is by far your best protection.

Directors and Officers

If you own a business with multiple shareholders, directors, and officers, it is a wise decision to look into directors and officers liability insurance. This type of insurance helps keep the company itself from being penalized for any type of “wrongful acts” that may be committed by a company director or officer. Examples of these acts could include misstatements, breach of duty, or actual errors. Obtaining a directors and officers insurance policy keeps the company director or officer from losing their personal assets should it be ascertained that the business official committed a wrongful act. Expenses covered by directors and officers insurance policies generally include legal defense, damages, and settlements.

Professional Liability

While general liability insurance exists to protect against tangible injury and financial losses, professional liability is a form of insurance that protects professionals in the advice-giving and service-providing sectors of business. Commonly utilized by lawyers, consultants, financial planners, and contractors, professional liability insurance policies help these types of professions defend themselves against charges of negligence brought by clients. Professional liability insurance is also commonly referred to as “malpractice insurance” and “errors and omissions insurance.”

Business Owners

Business owners insurance is an important policy type in which all business owners should heavily consider investing. Technically defined, business owners insurance is a package of property and liability insurance combined with other common types of insurance including business income, and equipment breakdown. Business owners insurance policies are highly customizable and are perfect for small business owners, so contact us to begin the process of obtaining your business owners coverage.


Commercial bonds exist to provide peace of mind that work will be completed to the satisfaction of both parties. There are several types of commercial bond insurance including surety, contract, and fidelity. A surety bond is a contract between two parties that states one party is legally obligated to complete pre-determined duties as laid out in the agreement. Should the contract not be fulfilled, the offended party receives compensation for financial losses. Contract bonds are often used in construction contracts and serve to ensure that agreed-upon obligations are carried out as they are laid out in the initial contract. Fidelity bonds cover losses generated from employee dishonesty and/or theft. To discuss business bond insurance options, please contact us.